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Our additional services

Bike Rental :
12€ per person and day 


Electric Bikes : 
25€ per person and day

2 AC Car Charging Stations : 
Cost per KW as depicted on charging station 
(Scheduled for Spring 2023)

Corner Breakfast :
12€ per person


Locker Padlocks : 
FREE with 5 euro deposit

Journée au Spa.png

Spa : 
25€ per couple, per hour. 
The spa includes Jacuzzi, sauna, hammam douche, 
and workout equipment.  A masseuse appointment can 
be made for 95€ for a 1 hour massage

Picnic on the beach backpacks : 
15€ per person 
(20€ with beer or wine included) 

Sunset wine & cheese basket :  25€ per person

Noix de Saint Jacques

Dinner by Chef Raphael: 
Set menu:  60€ per person, starter, main course, (with glass of wine for each), and dessert

These additional services must be ordered at least one day in advance. Thank you.
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