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Table d'Hôtes Private Events Catering

Your Dining Experience at The Corner

The Corner is a French – American fusion household. Our table d’hote brings a unique blend of social, culinary, and service cultures from both the U.S. and France. His unique culinary delights and exclusive local wines receive well-deserved praise from our guests.


Chef Raphael is a graduate of the Culinary School of Chamalieres, France. He uses the freshest ingredients from the Vendee whenever possible for your dining pleasures. Following are just a few examples of the culinary delights you’ll enjoy from Raphael’s kitchen:


























Private Dining

Nightly dinner usually begin at 8pm.  All dishes are paired with wine and include a minimum of two courses served with bread, followed by dessert and coffee or tea. The cost starts at 50E per person and pre-booking is required.


Aperitif is also offered before dinner and usually begins at 7pm and includes white and rose wines. The cost starts at 15E per person and pre-booking is required


Special meals are prepared for children under 8 years of age and are at a cost of 15E .


Private Catering / Events

​Our property is also available to reserve for private lunches, brunches, dinners, reunions, receptions, celebrations, and corporate events, to name a few. 


All event packages includes seasonal menu options prepared as you choose. Prices begin at 20E per person for garden barbeques and buffets. Prices begin at 50E per person for sit-down course service.


Both table d’hote space and private event dates are limited, so please email Raphael to reserve your dinner or special event right away: or CONTACT US

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